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Are your mobiles protected?

In a recent survey, employers indicated that 95% of their employees are using mobile devices for work, with 61% of the employees using their own personal devices


Like laptops, mobile devices are susceptible to digital attacks. More and more users rely on smartphones and tablets to manage their personal and business data, opening up an attractive new target for cybercriminals.


In addition to cyber-attacks, mobile devices are highly vulnerable to theft and loss due to their size and portability. (Facts).


The common threats that your organisation needs to protect against includes

  • – online threats
  • – malicious mobile apps
  • – data loss
  • – theft
  • – (read this)


This is the protection you need to implement on your mobile fleet:

  • – Antivirus scanning
  • – Secure web browsing
  • – Lost device protection
  • – App inspector
  • – (watch this video)


The solution needs to be easy to install and simply to manage from a single dashboard.


Webroot’s mobile protection provides all of the above and costs less than $1.50 per phone per month.