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Why Your Business Needs the Cloud

Depending on the size of your business, maintaining your IT resources may create an exceptional burden. Whether you are hosting your servers, creating your network, or juggling the costs of unexpected growth, it may feel that infrastructure costs are mounting quickly.

But what if there was a simple solution to your technology challenges? A way to get all of the function you need without any of the hassles. The fact is, those solutions are available today. And one of the biggest ones lives in the cloud.

Cloud service providers give you access to top-tier infrastructure and processing without the costs associated with maintaining it yourself. Instead of investing your time and money into creating a solution, you can outsource the work to a company specializing in data storage and cloud-computing.

If you haven’t considered switching to a managed cloud service, here are three benefits of making the switch.

1. Free Up Your Resources

One of your biggest resources is often the available funds. For smaller companies, the costs of meeting your IT needs can often get out of hand. Besides equipment-related expenses, you must work with professionals to keep things operational. Over time, it puts quite a strain on your cash flow.

Managed cloud services work like any other service. You choose a solution that meets your needs and pay the agreed upon amount. Everything in your contract is automatically covered, so you don’t have to worry about surprise costs related to equipment failure.

Working with a managed cloud service provider means you don’t have to direct your energy to IT concerns. Instead of hiring IT professionals, you simply outsource the functions to a company that specializes in the area. You gain complete access to their IT experts and resources with a simple monthly payment. Then, you can concentrate your resources on the fundamentals of your business instead of worrying about the underlying tech.

2. Completely Scalable

In a traditional work environment, you are responsible for adding more resources as your needs expand. This includes purchasing servers and maintaining the quality of your network. If your needs change quickly, you may be faced with a tech-related catastrophe if you can’t meet the new demands.

Cloud service providers are designed to meet the changing needs of your business. If you suddenly require more storage or computing power, you can often get what you need with a simple phone call and contract change. Business slow down? Then you can downgrade to a more suitable plan. This flexibility lets you meet your needs even when things change. And, for seasonal businesses, the ability to adjust regularly can be a godsend.

3. Disaster Recovery

We know it is important to back up our data, and your business’ data is no exception. But maintaining a backup isn’t easy. Besides completing the backup regularly, you also have to store that backup in your system.

Managed cloud services can add backup services to your contract. That means they will handle the task of performing the backup and will store the information for safe keeping. You can rest easy knowing that your data is safe and secure, without having to lift a finger.

And So Much More

These benefits just scratch the surface of what managed cloud services can do for your business. If you are struggling with your IT costs, consider checking into a managed solution. Outsourcing your IT needs is more affordable than you think.