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Fast business grade Internet for Brisbane businesses

Why do businesses need a fast Internet link?
Why is fast business-grade internet in Brisbane so important?

The increase in web applications, such as Office365, means that there is a lot more traffic going across the organisation’s internet link. Fast business-grade internet in Brisbane will enable organisations to cope with the increased traffic.

Remote access: the only way to provide fast access for branch offices and remote access to staff is with a decent upload speed. ADSL2+ typically gets around 0.5mbps and this may not be fast enough for remote workers.

Fast business-grade internet in Brisbane

Fast Office Broadband


ADSL2+ links are asymmetric, meaning that the download and upload speeds are different. Typical speeds for ADSL2+ range from 2mbps down/0.3mbps up to 16mbps down/0.8mbps up. ADSL connections are a contended service. This means that you share the available bandwidth with all the other users and businesses in your area. That’s why some days the internet seems fast and other days it is very slow. In addition, telco’s oversell subscriptions to ADSL services in your local exchange and this is where major problem occurs. Once you have a contended service that is congested then your speed can grind to a halt.


Ideally, organisations should have business-grade symmetric data links such as 10/10mbps or 20/20mbps…or faster. Business-grade EFM (Ethernet in the first mile) or Fibre links are uncontended. That means that you always get the same speed 24×7, 365 days a year. This enables you to reliably run all of the services you need to run your business. It also provdes the option of running your voice services across your internet link. This provides businesses with the required stability to run their operations. In addition, moving voice off of your telco bill and onto your Internet link will, as a rule of thumb, halve your phone spend per month. This is the most practical and sensible way to pay for your upgraded internet link.

In the past, fast symmetric links started at $1000 per month from Telstra, With the deregulation of the Telco market and new technology, prices are being driven down. Fast business internet is available starting from $349 per month for a symmetric 10/10mbps link with Unlimited data. This means that if you are currently spending in excess of $500 per month on your phone bill, you can move from ADSL to a business-grade service, for no additional cost, because of the money you will save on your phone bill.

If you would like more information on whether this strategy will work for your business and to look at options for getting fast Internet call 1300 430 393.