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VoIP Softphones: The Telecom Solution for When Your Office is More Than Just One Office

Mobility is changing the way we manage business. Employees can get as much work accomplished in alternate locations as they can in the actual office. Remote employees, work from home arrangements, and jobs that require travel have people working from more locations every day.

Most businesses that support mobility concentrated on creating a network design and corresponding infrastructure that allows access to internal resources no matter where the employee is working. But, not every organization takes the same care with their voice solutions. Luckily, implementing a voice solution that also supports mobility is easier than ever with VoIP and softphones.

What is a Softphone?

A softphone is a piece of software. The program is installed on the employee’s work computer or mobile device. It simulates the actions of a traditional telephone without the use of additional external equipment. Phone calls through the assigned VoIP telephone number route via the software application. Then, calls are placed and answered just as they would from a hardware-based solution (ie: traditional handset).

The softphone software is compatible with most desktops and laptops, as well as certain mobile devices and tablets. That means the phone number is as portable as the employee is mobile. No need to worry about forwarding phone calls from one number to another, and no need to check multiple voicemail boxes throughout the work day. Instead, employees have one business phone number, one voicemail box, and one voice solution to meet all of their calling needs.

What are the Benefits of Softphones for Business?

Some people wonder what benefits a softphone provides that aren’t available through a mobile phone or alternate landline. First, installing a softphone is a cost cost effective. Often, softphone services are less expensive than adding new landlines or paying for a mobile phone plan. This is especially true for employees working from home. Adding a dedicated landline in employee’s homes isn’t a reasonable option in most cases. Additionally, not every person has suitable cellular service in their house.

Another main benefit of softphones is the ability to have the same phone number appear in multiple locations. Softphones have line appearances just like traditional desk phones. And lines can appear on multiple phones (including softphones) based on business needs. That means an employee can maintain the capacity to answer their main phone line from any associated device.

Additionally, VoIP solutions allow employees to manage calls as if they are in the office. They can even use the same phone number. For example, if a business trip takes an employee out of the country, their ability to answer and make calls through their assigned phone number is not affected as long as they are using the softphone. So, they can call someone in the office through their smartphone just as they would if they were sitting in the same building. That means that making a regular check-in call doesn’t require any international calling expenses.

These benefits are affordable and easily within reach of the SMB market. Historically, complex voice solutions required large outlays and ongoing support . With a modern voice solution from a qualified provider, small businesses can gain access to Enterprise voice systems and features with minimal cost outlays.

Finding Your VoIP Solution

A skilled managed technology provider helps you assess your current needs. Then you simply decide which VoIP softphone solution works best for your business. This can help ensure that you have all of the access you require without any unnecessary costs. Your employees keep working no matter where they are located. And your company doesn’t have to miss opportunities simply because someone wasn’t at a desk to take a call.