Managed Services: An Extra Layer of Protection for Your Small Business

When people think of risk protection and managed services, they often focus on local hardware or infrastructure. However, they actually have the ability to offer more protection than that, especially for businesses with few employees. Here is just one way where having managed IT services managed externally prepares your business for the unexpected.

Illness, Injury, or Other Unexpected Absence

One risk every small business must face is that associated with a key staff member being unexpectedly absent. For example, this could be due to an injury. No one plans to be in a car accident, or suffer an acute illness requiring hospitalization. In either of these cases, they critical employee may become suddenly unavailable and effectively unreachable. And, in the worst of scenarios, they may not be able to contact other employees immediately to let them know something happened.

So, now you are in a situation where you have no direct support available. And that applies to you, your staff, and your customers. Additionally, you might not know for sure how long you will need to survive without in-house technical expertise.

How Managed Services Can Help

On the surface, it may not be easy to see how managed IT services can help. But, if the person who is unexpectedly absent is the person who would traditionally manage your IT needs, business comes to a standstill while they recover.

For example, if your small business has internal servers, how would you manage a server event such as a system crash? Now, how does that change when the only employee with the necessary expertise is suddenly absent? Often, this task is beyond those without experience in the technology field. And, in some cases, those with knowledge in other areas of IT would still be at a loss.

However, if you work with a managed IT service provider, your business operations are still in good hands regardless of whether your on-site expert is unavailable. Instead, if you had a server event, application malfunction, or network security concern, you simply reach out to your point of contact and let them troubleshoot the issue. In that regard, you always have access to the technical assistance you need even when the unexpected occurs.

Isn’t It Worth It?

Unless you are a small business that is fortunate enough to have multiple IT professionals available to cover every potential type of incident, investing in managed services may be the ideal method for protecting your ability to continue technical operations even if your resident technical expert can’t be there to help. Dedicate some time and you may be able to buy more than just improved technical performance. In fact, you also invest in your peace of mind.

So, before you discard managed services as not being right for you, here’s a point to consider. What you would do if your tech pro suddenly disappeared? With that in mind, doesn’t it seem like an idea worth checking out