Ticketfly website is down after cyber-attack.

Ticketfly a company that sells tickets to mostly US-based event which was sold last year by Pandora to Eventbrite for USD $200m is offline following a cyber-attack that compromised some client and customer information. Ticketfly said it had taken its systems down after learning of the breach and are working to resolve the issues while launching an investigation.


“We’re putting all of our resources to confirm the extent of the unauthorised access, and we’re committed to communicating with all customers once we have more information about the scope of the issue.” ” the company said.


The company could not say how long before it will put its systems back online.


Needless to say the company is unable to write any new business while it is offline which may cause serious headaches to venues who rely solely on the platform for ticket sales and further headaches to event goers who are yet to receive tickets they have purchased or rely on the online portal for proof of payment/tickets.