Video Conferencing Solutions

The modern workforce is more fragmented than ever before, employees are breaking free from the shackles of the office chair and companies are encouraging them to do so seeing the cost cutting and greater productivity they can unlock. People are working from home, on the move and from overseas. These scenarios are becoming commonplace in businesses of all sizes and are creating a growing need for robust video/audio conferencing solutions. 

The software vendors have been watching and responding to this trend for years, hence we have a wide range of platforms to choose from. From start-up to enterprise, from simple call and messaging platforms to full remote support services they have you covered.

Skype for business: offers advance scheduling, real-time screen sharing, VoIP support, and accessibility across desktop, iOS and Android devices, while up to 250 people can join a single meeting. Being part of the Microsoft family makes Skype for Business particularly appealing for organizations already using an Office 365 corporate package, as the associated applications come tightly integrated so if the Microsoft ecosystem is already well embedded in your organization it is the platform of choice. Want to take this even further and stage a webinar? Skype Meeting Broadcast may be the upgrade for you, enabling up to 10,000 attendees, full producer controls, Azure streaming, Bing Pulse polling and audience participation via Yammer.

Connectwise Control: enables you to run sessions with simultaneous collaboration from multiple users, control other machines remotely, customize the software’s appearance to fit your brand, adjust security settings to fit the compliance needs of your customers, and a whole lot more. Compatibility is a plus, as your customers can be supported whether you’re logging into ConnectWise from a PC or Mac, or on the move via iOS and Android. This is a multifaceted and powerful piece of communications software that gives you good bang for your buck – especially if remote support is a business need.  

TeamViewer: offers remote support and access in addition to online meetings. In its own words, the platform “allows users to access their office PC from the road, video conference across town, and share their screen for remote support from the other side of the world.” Device and contacts management, instant messaging, file transfer and whiteboard tools, remote audio and video, session recording tech, and service desk integration enabling users to manage incoming tickets directly from within their email application.  In terms of remote control of other devices, users can restart, print and install in addition to the usual controls, while reporting features helps you log incoming and outgoing connections and learn exactly who did what, when, and for how long. Despite this wealth of features, TeamViewer is easy to use and should slot fairly seamlessly into an organization’s software.

GoToMeeting: is all about ease and convenience is the name of the game. This stripped-back platform doesn’t try to overwhelm users, and if remote access and a string of collaboration tools aren’t essential for you and your organization, this could be the video conferencing tool for you. 

With up to 100 people able to join an online meeting from their Macs, PCs, iPhone or Android devices, users can share any application on their computer in real-time. A handy scheduling tool lets the host arrange a meeting in advance while all guests join free of charge. Clicking a link or entering a meeting ID is all that’s needed for attendees.  The in-call experience is enhanced by hosts being able to see exactly what the attendees are seeing via their dashboard, while presenter duties can easily be handed over mid-call, enabling attendees to share their screen with others too. has also stuck to the essentials of video conferencing, offering a streamlined platform that allows multiple people from multiple locations to connect and collaborate. 

Among the features at your disposal in are text chat, screen sharing, scheduling invitations, mobile access and call recording. Joining a call is straightforward and inclusive, as attendees can connect via desktop, VoIP, mobile devices (iOS and Android), and a phone line from 40 different countries. has a maximum of 250 participants able to call in and the platforms is compatible with Outlook and Calendar when organizing meetings.