Scammers Fake The myGov Website

Scammers have cloned the myGov website and are luring in victims with a phishing email claiming to come from Medicare asking them to update their banking details. 

A warning over the scam was issued on Wednesday. The myGov website links numerous government services such as Medicare, Centrelink, and the Australia Taxation Office, through the one portal.

It begins with a phishing email designed to look as if it’s from Medicare, asking the recipient “please kindly update your Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) payments”. If you click on the link in the email you are taken to a replica of the real myGov website. The URL for the clone site is The real site is “If you input your login details you are directed to also enter your secret security question and answer, before you’re taken to the fake Medicare website to input your bank account details,” the Stay Safe Online warning reads.

the myGov scam was the same as phishing emails claiming to come from banks asking people to log in via a link provided in the email just with a government twist which may make it more successful with people already used to bank phishing.

Do not click on links in emails or text messages claiming to be from myGov or Medicare. Stay Smart Online says myGov will never send you a text, email or attachment with hyperlinks or web addresses

Don’t open messages if you don’t know the sender, or if you’re not expecting them

Be suspicious of messages that aren’t addressed directly to you, or don’t use your correct name

Login to your official myGov account by typing the web address into your browser, to check your inbox for any legitimate emails from Medicare.

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