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Who we are

ITS brings to the table three decades of leading edge managed IT&T experience. Whatever industry sector you are in, and whichever applications you currently use, and whatever your organisation’s size, partnering with us will:

* Save you money

* Enhance your productivity

* Strengthen your security

* Remove IT headaches

* Guide you towards better technological outcomes!

ITS is Your One Stop Managed Technology Shop! At ITS we pride ourselves on offering the entire spectrum of IT, telephony and document management technologies in one easy to understand fully managed bundle of hardware, software and services…

and all for 1 low monthly fee.

Our offerings at a glance:

> Managed IT services

> Managed desktops including BYOD options

> Managed cloud storage and applications

> Managed phone and voice solutions

> Managed internet, including emergency back-up service solutions

> Managed Web hosting and web services

> Complete document management solutions including managed print, scan, store and retrieve.

Real client benefits include:

> 1 monthly bill for all of our services and products

> Amortised by user/workgroup/department breakdown of the 1 monthly expense

> No need to buy hardware or software outright ever again

> Fully scalable platform independent solutions

> Highly qualified IT&T technical staff at your service

> Unified IT&T environment without the huge capital outlay

> Just in time provisioning, only what you need when you need it

> Single technical point of contact for all your IT&T needs


Our packages

We like to keep things simple by offering total Office Technologies as a service. Let us tell you how:

Every one of your employees has a monthly cost. Wouldn’t it be better to amortise the TOTAL cost of that employee on a monthly basis?

At ITS, we believe in organisational and individual cost transparency.  We are equipped to fit out each employee with a complete IT and Telephony solution, tailored to their individual role.  We can then quantify this solution as a single monthly expense for scalability and budgeting.

Other devices such as printers, scanners etc. may be apportioned over a number of employees in a workgroup or department allowing you to have the REAL total cost of every employee in every area of the organisation. Software and even services can be bundled and apportioned in the same way.


Items which can be included in a “Total Office Technology as a Service” are:

PCs, Servers, Cloud Servers, Laptops, Tablets, Mobile Phones, Digital PABX, VoIP handsets, Cloud and onsite storage solutions, Scanners, printers, Cloud and local software applications, Office 365, cost of internet access, cost of consumables, cost of VoIP calls, cost of remote technical plan, cost of onsite technical support.

Forget about juggling a dozen bills from a dozen different vendors with hidden and unknown costs!  ITS allows you to amalgamate all your IT into one simple itemised monthly bill.  As users are added, their cost is assessed and added to your existing plan.

Call or email us today to discuss your options.