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Document Solutions - Solutions for superior and secure management of your documentation and archive systems.

Document Solutions is frequently overlooked as a two dimensional service requiring only dated hardware replacement.  At ITS, we are committed to offering you so much more.  An effective Managed Print solution is about supporting the entire workflow process, both before and after print. 

More importantly, in today’s competitive environment, Managed Print is about auditing for waste control and costs minimisation, as well as staying ahead of technology with versatile solutions that future proof your operations as we transition into a fully digitised future.

The challenge

Organisations are becoming highly mobile.  Connected digital workspaces where information is required at your fingertips at all times. The challenges of competition, client demands, compliance, efficiency and cost reduction are driving this change.  In order to achieve these goals a significant change in the way we manage paper need to occur..


However, until improved technologies and methodologies to convert paper into information that is instantly accessible anywhere & anytime are implemented, companies will be forced to continue working in two separate worlds: paper and digital. A strategy is required to develop and implement a scanning, archiving and retrieval solution, inclusive of policy, that can be integrated across the entire business flow.


Through collaboration with leading vendors in their respective fields, ITS can assist companies to bring forward a full Document Management Solution into your company today. Our consulting services will develop a phased scanning, archiving and retrieval strategy tailored to your organisation’s business sector, size and unique operating environment.

Talk to us about managing the potentially costly transition of effectively migrating to a completely digital office; achieving the efficiency, productivity, flexibility and compliance that you require.

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In a paperless environment there is no time wasted searching for documents and files as there is in today’s mixed digital and paper environment. Physical storage costs are cut down and replaced by far more affordable virtual storage solutions both in house and Cloud based with multiple on and off site backups. Staff can work securely from anywhere at any time adding to efficiency, productivity and flexibility in the work force resulting in a happier and more productive team.


ITS collaborates with leading vendors in their respective fields to source the most competitive and market friendly solution for you.  Our Document Management Solutions will reduce the time you spend searching for information, enhance security and regulatory compliance.  They will also help you reduce storage and print costs and enhance the ability to share, store and retrieve information quickly.


At ITS we are creating new ways of composing, processing, delivering, tracking and storing any business document. You can create documents quickly and easily, you can search files independent of hardware and with full retrieval automation capability. ITS solutions are suitable for all Windows environments CRM, ERP, legal, DMS and financial application.

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Nuts and Bolts

ITS provide Document Management software, hardware and services as described below:

> We set you up with a server-based high performance, feature-rich software application, which orchestrates the capture and secure delivery of paper and electronic documents into your business applications.

> We seamlessly integrate your scanned material into your IT infrastructure optimising business processes by using intelligent capture and storage algorithms in a fully secure manner.  

> We implement scan, store, retrieve and print rules for your users by individual, group, department etc.

> We provide a scalable and multi network compatible print and copy management solution, giving you full control of your print and incorporating rules based printing, load balancing, pull printing, job tracking across most platform (PC, Mac, Unix) and most laser, inkjets, Multifunction and HPGL/2 and PostScript plotters.   We ensure accurate print costing, enhanced security, increased flexibility, improved performance, elimination of waste and reduced carbon footprint.

> We can set up electronically disbursements and allocation of scan/print/store/retrieve on a per user/group/department basis, helping you to correctly assign and cover costs associated with the complete document management cycle.

> We have access to enterprise Information Management technologies and innovative document capture platform engineered to combine automation, enterprise scalability, document processing technology and advanced data extraction features.

> We can help you reduce risks related to information governance, and protect intellectual property from internal leaks and external threats.  We boost your productivity to a new level by helping you to streamline your departments to run with fewer staff and better results.

> Our systems help you keep your records safe, secure and available when needed.  We can aid you to improve your AR turn without additional staff.  We also aim to reduce your use of expensive document couriers and reduce the time wasted searching for records.

To discuss all these options and more…

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Scanning Automation

Experience a whole new world of efficiency with document automation solutions.

Scanning automation tools allow you take an entire organisation from a mixed paper and digital environment into a paperless future quickly and easily.

Scanning automation helps your business automate the conversion of paper files to electronic format. Now you can archive older files in bulk and easily manage the miscellaneous paper that comes across your desks.

Barcode recognition is a great way to convert an entire folder of documents to electronic format quickly and easily.  Our barcode filing system is simple, automatic and versatile.


There is no better way to convert your archived files to electronic format!

Once your business goes paperless, there is still the challenge of managing the miscellaneous paper coming in from clients, vendors, partners and the like. Batch processing is a scanning automation method used to convert a stack of unrelated documents to electronic format quickly using hot keys and a browser-based interface.

Batch processing lets you scan, index and file them with ease. Simply scan the entire stack of papers into the system. From there you can quickly index and file your documents from a browser-based interface.  We set you up with shortcuts for easy indexing and a retrieval system that can even scan documentation for specific content.


ITS has been in the forefront of scanning automation since the early days.  Allow us to set up a solution that requires minimal human intervention, whilst protecting your efficiency and security.

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