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Managed IT

Managed IT - solutions for superior performance across your systems.

Managed IT keeps your business connected and your operations effective, fast and professional. 

The ITS team takes great care to understand your network and desktop requirements.  We are committed to bringing you the latest in versatile and cost effective solutions for your team. 

Our expert technicians pride themselves in staying ahead of potential problems through careful monitoring systems and are always on standby to step in when you require urgent support.

Managed Network

You hear it everywhere these days- managers are struggling to cope with complex IT systems, tight capital expense budgets, shortages of tech expertise and security worries.

It is not an overstatement to describe your relationship with a managed network provider as a strategic decision. Once outsourced, you are heavily reliant on your new provider for up time, performance, security and much more.  Making the right choice is critical, as mistakes in your selection could be costly.   

At ITS we have vetted a suite of managed network solutions to suit the marketplace’s needs and budgets. Managed Networks that suit organisations of 5-100 seats vary dramatically from their enterprise counterparts in content and price point. A dynamic powerful and flexible solution is available at a price you can easily afford.

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Managed Desktop

Managed Desktop is the service that takes full care of your desktop environment. In the past, standardising the desktop environment was viewed as a simple solution to deliver cost savings. Today’s organisations, however, need to contend with and support a diversity of PCs, laptops, tablets and mobile devices. 

Additionally, office tech needs to cater for a variety of user functional requirements, expectations and roles.   A work force may even be dispersed across multiple locations, including offices homes and on the move… all still requiring seamless access to computing resources.

ITS can reduce your desktop costs by up to 40% through the set up of well thought out combinations of hardware virtualisation software management tools and cloud services. Our managed desktop services are designed to be cost/energy effective, productive, scalable and flexible enough to meet the ever changing organisational demands.

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Help desk

ITS offers a physical, over the phone and a cloud based managed help-desk solution designed to deliver exceptional support. Unlike competing products with steep pricing and hidden strings, we price our service affordably, and offer all the features and tools your organisation needs.


ITS managed help-desk offers incident management, online ticket/job logging and tracking, queue management, contract and SLA management, database integration, social media and community forums integration, portals and live-chat.  We are also able to set up pre-determined alerts and escalation procedures, knowledge base and known issue logs/management, automated routing of known issues by pre-determined type and surveys, as well as sampled feedback from the user base in order to facilitate on going improvement.


All these state of the art features come with our guaranteed rapid onsite response and are available at a low per-user, per-month fee that exposes other help desk offerings in the market as shamelessly expensive.

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Managed Servers

Your network is really only as good as your server.  For this reason, you need your server to be the best on the market in order to sustain this crucial part of your network performance.  A fast, secure and stable managed server infrastructure results in significant staff productivity gains, reduced security risk and greater business flexibility.

While there are numerous IT companies that can competently configure a server (and many more that can’t!), it takes real experts to design a solution that takes into account your business practices and goals. 

ITS’s server solutions start with your business requirements in mind and reduce the cost, risk and complexity of deploying physically and virtual servers.  We ensure that your server infrastructure offers you value, whilst delivering in the performance areas that matter most to your business.

Our advanced server management tools ensure that speed up time and security parameters are always monitored, and will alert our IT engineers of any potential issues well in advance.

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