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Managed Print - Solutions for superior quality, mobility and the latest technology at an accessible price.

Managed Print is frequently overlooked as a two dimensional service requiring only dated hardware replacement.  At ITS, we are committed to offering you so much more.  Are you tired of paper wastage?  Have you had enough of losing documents or printing the wrong files?  Don’t you wish you had a system to handle your confidential documents with more care?    

An effective Managed Print solution is about supporting the entire workflow process, both before and after print.  More importantly, in today’s competitive environment, Managed Print is about auditing for waste control and costs minimisation, as well as staying ahead of technology with versatile solutions that future proof your operations as we transition into a fully digitised future.

Talk to us about ways to address all your printing headaches with innovative solutions you may not even know exist!

The future of managed print

When it comes to managed print, customers are rightly becoming more demanding in terms of transparency and contract flexibility.  At ITS we are very clear about how we scope, rate and charge.  No fine print, no confusing charges, no tricky terms, no punitive and unrealistic “values” in termination clauses and no evergreen contracts which have tarnished the reputation of the industry.


The ITS team begins by first examining your business processes and how Managed Print integrates into these. We then look at how Managed Print will effect or be effected by other digital technologies such as managed scanning solutions and general document management archiving and retrieval.  Only then do we proceed to make an unbiased vendor agnostic plan.  

For us your managed print needs are just a part of a bigger process, a section of your overall IT map which exists only to support one end:  achieving your organisational goals! Anything that does not further that end is superfluous, redundant and a waste of money.  As experts we realise that the days of MPS are as numbered as the paper it is printed on and we are set up to support your transition towards a paperless, fully digitised future.

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Integrating paper and digital workflows

Most of the MPS industry is out of date in comparison with other areas of IT.   MPS customers are desperately looking for innovation, industry expertise, customised solutions and a commitment to continuous improvement from their providers.  It is no longer enough to talk about cost savings.

At ITS, we pride ourselves in a consumer focused approach. Machines are no longer the focus, nor are print speed or duplex.  We understand that your company is looking to add more functionality to your paper-based processes as you transition to fully digital workflows. 


ITS provide a service and feature-led offering designed to enhance functionality and add a variety of services to your existing set up.  We are not interested in pushing new hardware turnover; we are interested in supporting your workflow and the processes that happen before and after the print device.

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Print as a Service

Best practice corporate governance today is moving towards everything as a service. It is the best way to cost-account any aspect of an organisation.

At ITS we provide Print as a Service (Pay as you print)- platform independent, vendor independent, print solutions that are scalable from work groups and departments right through to enterprise requirements across multiple sites and multiple formats; and all under 1 monthly bill.

Our managed print solutions include all forms of hardware such as: colour multifunction copiers, printers and scanners.  We can deliver production quality printing in B&W and colour, wide format and up to 90ppm, plotters and design printers, 3D printers and consumables for all of the above.

Most products include remote management software, incorporated alerts and trouble shooting, as well as energy efficient environmentally friendly printing solutions. Most issues are flagged and resolved remotely. We are aware when your printer has failed, a scheduled service is required or toner and other consumables needed.

Our team members are notified and act quickly, ensuring smooth and continued printing outcomes for your organisation.

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Large Format print and Scan

Plotters, large format, wide format or technical printers are professional printing devices capable of handling large media formats and large print-batch.  Large format printers can print hundreds of meters per hour and can reproduce crisp colourful images on a variety of media types including fabrics, film very thick to very thin paper stock, adhesives, banners etc using specialised inks and print-heads.


When choosing a large format printer you need to consider its features to ensure it meets the requirements dictated by the work envisaged. Items such as built in cutters, network connectivity, USB plugins, built in HDD, borderless printing, and the printer’s overall size (width and length limits) and performance (speed, thickness, resolution, colour) must not be overlooked when choosing this type of specialised equipment.


Additionally, media options such as paper types, fabric, adhesive, film, etc. maybe critical to your choice as well as the types of ink used (pigment, dye, solvent, toner, UV resistant).

Other potential gotcha’s include OS compatibility, the level of warranty and support offered and MTBF levels.  Clearly this is not an easy field for the uninitiated!


The ITS team are experts in searching the market and finding the right printing solution for you.  Don’t leave it to chance; leave it to the experts.

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Print Cost recovery

Have you ever stopped to calculate the cost of unnecessary or incorrect printing?  Have you considered the wasted electricity, paper and human resources that might be affecting your bottom line?  Perhaps you need to consider setting up a print management designed to not only deliver quality, but also effective cost recovery.

Track the types of jobs printed, (grayscale, colour, locate specific print jobs).  Export data as HTML, PDF or CSV. Determine which printers are used most. See detailed logs for each printer, as well as visual utilisation charts.  Remind users via popup to print duplex.  Route large jobs to dedicated high-volume printers.  Discourage users from printing emails. Discourage printing web pages in colour. Provide alerts to system administrators such as paper jam or toner low… and much more.

You may wish to define costs on a per-printer basis.  Or set up full differential charging models taking into account standard sizes, size category, area, colour/grayscale or duplex mode; combine with filters for precise control over charges and use.  Apply discounts to encourage use of grayscale and duplex printing.  Utilise page-level colour detection – i.e. charge users on the colour rate on pages that actually contain colour.

Automatically detect and delete duplicate jobs. Prevent large jobs from being printed on slow printers. Stop jobs of certain names/types… such as the ‘accidental’ printing of files like “accounts.xls” file that result in 20,000 pages!  Catch invalid paper sizes. No more “manual feed” or “Load A5” blinking messages!  Restrict access by domain group, maximum cost, color mode, size and much MORE.

At ITS we have been providing print cost recovery solutions since their inception.

Allow us to tailor a full featured print cost recovery solution that will pay for itself in no time!

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Recent studies show that 2 out of 3 adults own and frequently access information through a smart mobile device.  When it comes to business, more and more employees are adopting a BYOD option (bring your own device). 

With cited benefits including increased productivity and improved employee morale, it’s no wonder business managers are looking at ways to make it easy to integrate mobile devices into the work flow.


We no longer have to be sitting at a desk to read an email or check a calendar; we can even keep up to date on current affairs or plan for a meeting while taking the train. With this comes the expectation that we can carry out normal activities anywhere, any time – even printing.


Mobile printing means that you can print any document from any platform, at any location. The only requirement is a wireless network. The main benefit is convenience.

Your mobile device can be connected back to your home or desk printer via the internet. Essentially you can upload documents to an email account or online file sharing platform that has been configured with your printer. Once you select print, your desktop pulls the information from the online location and sends to the printer in your office – as easy as that!


At ITS we strongly believe in empowering you to freely and successfully work independent of your office or home.  Mobile printing solutions are an essential part of this freedom.

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