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Managed Voice - Solutions for superior communication and performance across your systems.

Managed Voice secures the quality of internal and external communications for your business.  The ITS team takes great care to understand your organisation’s requirements and are committed to bringing you the latest in feature heavy and cost effective solutions for your team. 

Our expert technicians can help you design, source, install and manage your communication solutions.  Your clients love to hear from you.  The telephone need not be old-school technology when your systems are in our hands.

Cloud based Phone system

The most important aspects of a successful organisation is customer engagement.

Despite all the technology channels available, the ability to talk directly to customers in real time, gather and disperse valuable information in a fluid and flexible fashion, is still best done via voice.  As such, having a functional and feature-filled phone system fully integrated into your sales, marketing and service strategies is a critical component for any business.

But with this realisation come a multitude of choices. On-premises (PBX) hardware or hosted solutions? Initial outlays and budgets against future expectations, ongoing call and data costs, integration with other types of software, hardware rental costs, VoIP quality … the options can be daunting.  Wasting time on purchasing, implementing, and managing infrastructure can be extremely costly, both in capital outlay and time removed from the building of your business.


Traditionally businesses relied on a local Tel-co for basic phone needs, but those channels and systems do not mesh well with the needs of a modern organisation such as integrating mobile phones, enterprise social networking, texting, leveraging call centre and call queuing software, or dozens of other features that can streamline processes, promote collaboration, and accelerate growth.

Fortunately there are options available today in hosted PBX solutions that bring the features and reliability of an enterprise to SMB space.  ITS has sourced some of the leading hosted PBX solutions, bringing you a large range of features and benefit types.  Allow us to assist you in choosing and implementing the right provider for your organisation.

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SIP Trunks

SIP, or Session Initiation Protocol, is the standard communications protocol for voice and video in a Unified Communications solution across a data network. A SIP trunk replaces the need for traditional analog, public switched telephone network connections, with termination instead provided over a company’s public or private internet connection through a SIP provider.

Most Unified Communications software applications provide voice, video, and other streaming media applications such as desktop sharing, web conferencing, and shared whiteboard.  The architecture of SIP trunking provides a partitioning of the Unified Communications network into two – a public and a private domain.

The border between those 2 is secured by various software and hardware methods and guidelines, insuring your private inter organisational communications do not cross into the public domain unless done so purposefully.  At the same time it ensures that your ISTP is meeting all regulatory requirements for the public domain.

ITS is dedicated to improve the level of features and services available to small medium organisations and the right SIP solution can provide you with dramatic additional communication capabilities for an affordable monthly investment.

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Unlimited Call Plans

Hosted PBX service allow your phones connect to the provider over the Internet and function exactly as you would imagine a business phone should, but the phone system running those phones is located in the cloud.

Self-service management and configuration of these systems generally occurs through a Web-based portal, and features such as Interactive Voice Response, call queuing, hold music or audio, extension assignments, and similar business capabilities are all managed there.

Many providers systems also offer smartphone integration. This allows users to transfer calls to and from their mobile phones and interact with colleagues and customers via voice and text.

These solutions require a fast and stable Internet connection and the use of QOS configuration on a business-class router to prioritise voice traffic over other Internet traffic in order to maintain good call quality.

ITS have solutions at incredibly low prices, while still offering all of the above functionality and more. We can also set up and configure your new system for you and train staff on the multitude of features and configuration options.

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Desk phones and Headsets

ITS can provide you with the full spectrum of hardware and software required to set up a feature rich VoIP based managed telephony solution.

Products may include:

* ATA (analog telephone adaptors).

* IP or SIP phone/handset with different levels of features.

* Wi-Fi SIP phones allowing you to roam the premises or any area covered by your network’s Wi-Fi.

* Softphone software that simulates a telephone and allows you to make receive and manage voice calls over the Internet. Softphones normally run on computers, tablet PCs and smartphones.

* VoIP routers and gateways for allowing full VoIP functionality across your network or networks.

* PC Headsets of varying quality and design commonly used for hands free, but stationary office communications.

As most of these products are interconnected and interdependent upon each other and the software applications that drive your cloud based telephony solution are critical.  ITS can help you design a solutions that fits your needs and budget, as well as facilitating a smooth installation and configuration phase followed by years of trouble free productive use.

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