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Scanning solutions - Solutions for reliable and accessible storage

Scanning has transformed from a means to archive and store specific documents to a method for all knowledge workers to create digital files to interact, share, communicate, and manage. The pursuit to automate business processes has led more organisations to assess paper processes to root out inefficiencies and to better optimise the inadequacies that exist.

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As more processes are automated and paper is transformed into a digitised state, the future of paper and scanning is changing. Simultaneously, advances in mobile technology generate added opportunities to transition how content and paper are consumed and managed.

At ITS we understand and identify the major trends and drivers for scanning solutions. We understand the issues surrounding ownership and use of scanning devices and their level of integration among vertical and specific business processes. We can incorporate these solutions into Cloud based and mobile technologies and platforms.


ITS offer a Scanning Consulting Service. We give managers the information and advice they need to outpace the competition and thrive in this dynamic environment. You gain access to our cutting edge tailored scanning solution which can be bundled as a Scanning as a Service on 1 monthly bill or incorporated into your existing ITS plans.

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Scanning Hardware and Software

ITS’s vendor and platform independent approach means we look at your business processes first and in depth and create a scanning solution that is based on your needs.

It may include items such as:

• Flatbed scanners with noise-free design, large scanning area, high dynamic range and high resolution.

• Multi-format transparency scanners that allow you to scan everything from 35mm slides all the way to 4×5-in. transparencies.

• Business card scanner that does just what the name implies.

• Lumina scanners that scans at 2700 x 3400 and 36-bits, for deep, razor-sharp images and greater dynamic range.

• Hand held scanners, useful for their portability and flexibility in scanning and stitching odd shapes 2d images.

• Bar code and POS scanners for any imaginable retail application including portable battery operated scanners.

• Up to 50” oversize, sheet-fed digitisers and more…


Most solutions include OCR software which allows you to re-create paper or PDF documents to electronic, word-searchable text files, enabling mass conversion of printed material into digital one in an easy to catalogue and retrieve fashion. 

Allow us to set you up with a TOTAL scanning solution that is scalable and available to you both onsite and in the Cloud, and which includes all installation, configuration services and ongoing support.

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